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General Assistance

General Assistance Hours: Wednesdays 9:00a.m. to 11:00a.m. 

Appointments call: Laurisa Loon at 737-4305 ext. 208

In case of an after-hours emergency call Richmond Police Department at (207) 737-8518

General Assistance (GA) is a "service administered by a municipality for the immediate aid of persons who are unable to provide the basic necessities essential to maintain themselves or their families." 22 M.R.S.A. 4301(5).  The key terms in this definition are: immediate, unable and basic necessities.

GA is intended to provide immediate aid, thus assistance must be granted or denied within 24 hours of an application.  It is for people who are unable-not unwilling-to maintain themselves or their families.  Finally, GA is intended to help people with basic necessities: food, shelter, utilities, fuel, clothing, and certain other items, when they are essential.

General Assistance Application

Additional Programs:

Richmond Trust Funds

Richmond Trust Fund Application

Richmond Emergency Assistance Program (REAP): This program is being established to grant assistance to citizens in need and the requested assistance cannot be provided by General Assistance, Richmond Trust Funds, Salvation Army, Food Bank, or any other assistance program available.  Often these households are just over the income levels established for the General Assistance Program. REAP will focus on meeting the needs of households not eligible for federal or state funding programs currently in place.

The following types of emergency requests will be eligible for assistance from REAP and be granted by the Town Manager or Deputy General Assistance Administrator: (the Chairman or Vice-Chairman of the Board of Selectmen may be consulted when there is a question of granting a request.)

Types of Requests:

Heating Assistance-One unit:

A unit for heating purposes shall be:

100 gallons of #2 or K-1 heating fuel

1 cord of seasoned wood

100 gallons of LP gas

An equivalent amount of coal or pellet fuel

$250 toward a CMP bill for electric heat.

Prescriptions, medications;

Clothing-cold weather;

Unforeseen hardship

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