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Richmond High School ~ A Caring Community

Written by Deborah Fisk

Students at Richmond High School have been busy this year learning Algebra, Global Insights and Chemistry inside the classroom and learning about making a difference outside the classroom, participating in a series of various community/service-learning activities. Through the mentor groups, Student Council, the National Honor Society and the newly created Service Learning Seminar, students are finding a way to lend a hand and to make the daily lessons relevant in their community.

Each project was student centered. This means that the students were in charge of initiating the idea and following it through to completion. Early projects were focused on making a difference in the students' school lives. Then the next series of projects looked at community needs and how students could make an immediate impact.

School focused projects for this year included areas very visible in the school's gymnasium. Students worked on repainting the weight room and centering an inspirational quote by Lance Armstrong, on the back wall to encourage student athletes working out either individually or during team activities. Gymnasium work continued with a roaring bobcat being painted at the entrance of both boys and girls locker rooms, greeting athletes and keeping an eye on the court and the crowd on the bleachers. A need was seen inside the locker room as well. Benches were sanded, varnished and installed in each locker room to help facilitate team meetings. In keeping everyone healthy, a group of students worked with the school nurse to develop an informational board on the H1N1 virus and seasonal flu symptoms. A follow up debate was shared in health classes in order to present the information in a variety of ways. All projects were completed in a short time and the student response has been glowing.

The projects then turned to projects impacting the community, students and their families. These projects targeted the town library, the military, staying warm and tackling hunger. One project helped move The Umber hind Library to its temporary location while fundraising continues for the new updated facility. Students worked to pack boxes of books and move them and individual collections down the street. Mentor groups continued communicating with their friends, neighbors and alumni by writing newsy letters and mailing the stacks to state side and overseas destinations, where ever, the soldiers are stationed. Recognition was also noted with a bulletin board created of graduates who are serving or who have served in the last twenty years. The commitment of the community to service is truly remarkable. The list of military men and women was substantial and very inspirational to all who recognized the many passionate faces young and old.

Making a difference in the community reached out to families who may have been hit by the early cold weather and economy down swing. Teens and staff brought in gently used coats. These were passed along to families in need. The “I Can” Project has helped an area food bank where cans of food and other nonperishable food was donated for distribution. This project continues to grow in hopes to create weekly donations throughout the year. And the Class of 2009 chose to make a donation to the Food Bank as a final gift to the community.

Students at Richmond High School continue to find ways to tackle the lessons taught in the classrooms and make a connection to the community knowing that the bright future belongs to them. And they feel ready to take on the challenges ahead, knowing that each of us can make a difference locally and globally.


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